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Youth empowerment: how to build GSAs in school?

ILGA LogoPosted: 30 July 2015


COC-Netherlands and ILGA-Europe are jointly organising a capacity-building seminar on supporting youth to start GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances) in schools. The seminar will take 6-8 November 2015 in Amsterdam.

Youth empowerment: how to build GSAs in school?

Youth empowerment: how to build GSAs in school?


COC-Netherlands and ILGA-Europe are jointly organising a capacity-building seminar on supporting youth to start GSAs in schools. GSAs are groups of LGBTI and non-LGBTI people that want to create a safer school for everyone. GSAs are often named Gay-Straight Alliances but can also mean Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

The event will take place in November in Amsterdam. There are 12 seats available for this training. If you are interested, please fill in this form and send it back by the 1 September to Sophie Aujean, Senior Policy and Programmes Officer.

What are the expected outcomes of this training?

  • Participants know what a GSA is and the different forms it can take.
  • Participants know how to support teenagers in schools to establish GSAs in schools.
  • Participants are aware of lessons learnt from good practices and bad experiences when supporting teenage activism in schools and establishing GSAs.
  • Participants understand the links between youth empowerment, grassroots activism and the setting up of GSAs in schools. They feel confident to contribute to this youth empowerment.
  • Participants identify the benefits and challenges related to building a GSA in schools in their own context.
  • Participants know where to start and how to establish a GSA in schools.

Eligibility criteria:

  • To be an activist working (voluntarily or as paid staff) for an LGBTI organisation member of ILGA-Europe.
  • To be already working with schools (from primary schools to higher education) or intend to do so in the coming year (please provide evidence of this).
  • To reside in one of the 28 EU Member States + Iceland + Liechtenstein

Please answer the questions below in less than 150 words each:

Q1. Describe briefly your organisation

Q2. Introduce yourself and your role in your organisation

Q3. What activities have you (or your organisation) been doing so far in the area of education? Are you working with schools directly? If not, do you plan to do so?

Q4. Are there already GSAs in your country in other areas (e.g. workplace) or in schools?

Q5. What benefits do you think establishing a GSA in your context could bring? What challenges do you foresee?

Q5. What are your motivations to attend this training and what are your expectations?

Q6. How do you plan to disseminate the learnings from the seminar?

Information on logistics:

ILGA-Europe covers the accommodation and travel costs of 12 participants, arrival on 6 November (afternoon) and departure on 8 November (afternoon). A daily subsistence allowance is provided. Please note that we might ask participants to share twin rooms.

Thank you very much for your interest in attending this training!

Queer Home Kryvbass was attacked

Yesterday, 31st August 2015,  around 20:30 in the evening, unidentified men in masks attacked a Queer Home Kryvbass.

Photo- Corbisimages

The attackers threw smoke bombs at the community center and destroyed the premises. During an attempt to stop criminals one of the center visitors was attacked and stunned. At the moment he is in the emergency department, the information about his condition is being clarified.

A day earlier, on the night from 29 to 30 of August closed LGBT party was attacked in Kryvyi Rih.

About 2 o’clock after the midnight the door of the cafe, where a closed event was held, was knocked down and about 20 men in masks broke in and beaten up the visitors. Witnesses said the attackers were in the T-shirts with symbolic of the Right Sector.

The police officers arrived at the crime scene and almost everyone of the attackers were released. Protocols for the entire brotherhood were written by Anton Kravchenko, the leader of Kryvyi Rih automaidan.

In the autumn of 2014 Anton Kravchenko was one of the attackers on the prosecutor and he featured in court proceedings as a defendant.

One of the main functions of the state is to protect its citizens. UPO “Gay Alliance Ukraine” appeals to the law enforcement authorities with a demand not only to punish those responsible for today’s incident, but also to take all possible measures to protect the life, health and fundamental rights of the citizens of Ukraine.


Author:Mila Demur

ILGA-Europe has a new office

ILGA Move to new premises

ILGA Move to new premises


ILGA-Europe is growing. Therefore, on 24 August we moved from our old office on Rue Belliard 12 to a much larger office space at Rue de Trône/Troonstraat 60, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new office!

Sam Stanley first English professional rugby union player to come out as gay


The 23-year-old former Saracens back has played in five Sevens World Series tournaments for England

Sam Stanley is the first English rugby union player to come out as gay Photo- GETTY IMAGES

Sam Stanley is the first English rugby union player to come out as gay Photo: GETTY IMAGES


The 23-year-old former Saracens back played in five Sevens World Series tournaments for England and belongs to one of the sport’s most famous families.

He is the nephew of New Zealand’s 1987 World Cup-winning centre Joe Stanley, while his brother Mike is in Samoa’s squad for the upcoming World Cup and cousins Winston and Benson are on the books of Harlequins and Clermont Auvergne, respectively.

Sam Stanley, who is playing for Ealing Trailfinders in the Championship this season, said in the Sunday Times: “I was 10 or 11 when I realised I was different to my friends.

“I didn’t want to accept it, I felt that being different wasn’t right. I had a girlfriend and I was thinking that, like some people say, maybe it is a phase.”

Stanley’s decision to make his sexuality public comes after Batley Bulldogs prop Keegan Hirst last month became the first rugby league player to openly come out as gay.

Cross-code international Gareth Thomas was previously the only openly homosexual rugby player after he came out whilst playing for rugby union side Cardiff Blues in 2009.

Gareth Thomas was initially reluctant to see his life turned into a playGiving it a try: Gareth Thomas was initially reluctant to see his life turned into a play  Photo: Dan Wilton 2012

Thomas, who captained Wales and the British and Irish Lions, went on to play for league side Crusaders before retiring, but Hirst was the first player to come out publicly whilst playing the 13-man game.

Also, leading referee Nigel Owens, who is due to officiate at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, came out in 2007.

Stanley added: “Millions of people are in the situation, even people who have been in Laurence’s (his partner) situation and they are still married but are gay. They cannot accept it themselves.

“It is going to be an issue until more people and athletes come out, until it is not an issue at all. It might take years but hopefully lots of people will find the courage.”

Further Reading:

The Daily Telegraph (original post)



Tradition swapped for rainbow colours


This football team changed their strip in a cool show of support for LGBT people


One of Australia’s oldest football teams today swapped tradition for a rainbow show of support for LGBT people.

University Blacks

The University Blacks wore the rainbow strip today

The University Blacks, as part of a broader campaign to support LGBT people, swapped their traditional colours for rainbow jumpers.


The move was part of the ‘gay, that’s ok’, campaign.


As well as having players wear the rainbow jerseys, the team also painted its 50-metre line with rainbows.

The initiative was inspired by former player Lachlan Beaton, who hid his sexuality for years before coming out.

Lachlan Beaton Interview

The team in todays show of support became the first of its kind in the Victorian Amateur Football Association to do so.

Other teams have already announced plans to do the same in upcoming matches.

Gay footballer Liam Davis on coming out and finding love

Liam Davis may be semi-professional, and earns his football wage for Gainsborough Trinity, in the Skrill Conference North league, five divisions below the fabled Premiership – though that doesn’t diminish his story, especially since he is so unapologetically honest about his life. Robbie Rogers may be “football’s first gay superstar,” but Davis’ courage to face potentially jeering terraces and possible homophobia from fellow players on a weekly basis in Britain deserves the ‘superstar’ epithet more in my book.

Liam Davis 31

What is even more astounding about Davis’ storyline is that his coming out in 2014 was totally unplanned, and so the media scrum had been totally unexpected. “I’d previously included [boyfriend] Neil [Lord] in personal Tweets,” he recalls. “And the local Grimsby paper did a piece on The Point: the reporter knew we were a couple, and that I played football. They had a story and didn’t realise. But I didn’t realise it was a story either, because of the level of football I play at.”

In early January last year, Liam had simply tweeted: “Big up Thomas Hitzlsperger for coming out! Wish he had done it whilst still playing, might mean more people do!” The former Premiership footballer and German international had come out early that month after retiring through injury, in another case of damage limitation. “It was good to see,” Liam recalls. “I already knew about [out Swedish footballer] Anton Hysén, and Robbie Rogers, though it’s upsetting that Robbie could only come out after he left the UK, which says a lot about the English game. I don’t think his dressing room would have been a problem, because I know about mine.”

The Lincolnshire Echo picked up on Liam’s tweet, and asked him for an interview. The evening after the story ran, the broadsheets had got in touch, “And the phones went crazy,” says Neil. Liam woke up the next day to a thousand new Twitter followers. “I’d understand if Liam was coming out to his teammates,” says Neil, “but they all knew, as did the manager.”

But no one – not local and national journalists nor Gainsborough employees – knew the extent of Liam’s full story, which begins in Waltham, a village outside Cleethorpes’ nearest neighbour Grimsby. “Football’s always been there,” he says. “I played for the school, but never took it dead serious. I got in a bad crowd when I was 10, they were 5 years older, into causing trouble. I got arrested a couple of times. But Grimsby Town’s youth team manager said I should curb my ways, so I did, and he signed me at 14.” Four years later, Grimsby Town let Liam go, and he signed for Armthorpe (North East Counties league, four below the Conference) before going up a division at Brigg Town then joining Gainsborough May 2013.

But enough footie: what about the sport of boys? Teenage Liam dated girls, “but I knew in my head that I liked both.” Clearly unafraid, he even told his parents. “But you tuck it away at that age, don’t you? I did do stuff, on nights out in Cleethorpes, yeah, chance meetings. When you’re drunk, you’re less inhibited.”

Liam Davis 25

At 42, 17 years older than Liam, Neil has his own story; married young, twice, with two grown up kids, and a property empire that he built and then lost. “I was more interested in raising kids,” he says in response to his true sexuality. “I had my first at 17, the second at 18, I had a business, a wife, we were keeping up with the Joneses. I don’t think it’s sexuality anyway, it’s more the person you fall in love with.”

Neil thinks he didn’t consider sleeping with a man until six months before he and Liam met (they argue about who was cruising who) down a Cleethorpes side street. For nine months, Liam says he was Neil’s, “booty call. But I’d fallen head over heels, and I felt I deserved better. So I started seeing someone else.”

At which point, Neil – “wrapped up in rage,” according to Liam – bombarded him with emails, texts, calls… he even created a website that outed Liam if you stumbled across it. “Neil did everything he could to damage my new relationship. I thought, this is going to explode, and I’d rather be the one to tell friends and family first.”

And he took Neil back! “Well, it took a while, but he’d gone from confusion to rage to clarity, and he convinced me how much he’d changed, and how much I meant to him.”

Once Liam was out (without any family or friend backlash), “Neil was coming out too! He had to. I wasn’t going back to half a relationship.”


Wolfe Video


Wolfe Video, the largest exclusive distributor of lesbian, gay, bi and transgender (LGBT) films, has been in business since 1985. Started by Kathy Wolfe, Wolfe Video is now celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and the company is celebrating in a pretty spectacular way!

Wolfe Video is cementing its legacy through a donation to the June Mazer Lesbian Arvchives by depositing a complete DVD library of every lesbian film Wolfe has released since 1985.

All of the DVDs will be available for researchers at the archives.

To learn more about The June Mazer Lesbian Archives click here



Lost Documentary Found

James-Day introducing The RejectedA documentary entitled ‘The Rejected’ which was released in 1961 is believed to be the first documentary on homosexuality in the USA.

It was long thought that the documentary, which had been funded by a New York TV station, WNET; and after much research a copy of the historical documentary was found in the LIbrary of Congress.  Unfortunately the copy was not in a good condition, and after many discussions, the Library of Congress along with WNET agreed that a group archivists would clean up, digitize and upload the video for the use of the community.

KQED logo

KQED logo

Please read the following blog item from KQED


New LGBT Booklists

Library bookshelf, shallow DOF

Library bookshelf, shallow DOF

Today’s  I am publishing information from BOOKLIST ONLINE which  offers a spotlight on LGBTQ literature, including a Top Ten list for adults, and a separate Top Ten list for youth, as supplied by

 Today’s  email from BOOKLIST ONLINE – READ ALERT (Newsletter #154, dated August 6, 2015) offers a spotlight on LGBTQ literature, including a Top Ten list for adults, and a separate Top Ten list for youth GARY M KLEIN, Hatfield Library, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.
     Contents of this Spotlight on LGBTQ Lit includes:

    And the “review of the day” happens to also have an LGBTQ theme:

Buy a book and curl up and read – loose yourself in another world, you wont regret it!

** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE **The interior of Giovanni's Room, a gay and lesbian bookstore, is seen in a gay-friendly section of Philadelphia known as the "gayborhood," Oct. 28, 2003. Philadelphia has become more sophisticated in its effort to attract part of the annual $55 billion gay tourism market, targeting subgroups within the gay and lesbian community. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)