A Class Apart

A Class Apart: Private Pictures of Montague Glover (Paperback)

Book cover for A Class Apart


Pub: Serpent’s Tail


ISBN: 1852427280



This book is a wonderful pictorial history of a period in Britain when though the laws were very harsh in relation to homosexuality, there seemed to be a freedom which we currently don’t have.

James Gardiner has successfully put together photographSeand letters taken and written by Montague Glover spanning a period of 32 years. A period in which people seemed to accept individualSeand their foibles, when time seemed to have stopped, and also when life seemed simpler.

Montague Glover waSean architect, and army officer with a distinguished service record from the First World War, and also a homosexual. The photographs in the book illustrate the three great obsessions of his life:

London’s rough trade

Men in uniform


Ralph Hall, his “loverMontague Glover's lover

Highly recommended.

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