A neo-Nazi group in Ukraine have destroyed an LGBT+ organisation’s office and almost killed a man in the process.


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Queer Home Kryvbas, the only LGBT group in Kryvyi Rih that openly welcomes the gay community, was attacked by six masked men with iron poles and fire sticks on Sunday night. The masked figures threw smoke bombs inside the office while seven victims were allegedly trapped inside.

One man tried stopping the attackers, but was beaten savagely and is now in hospital with a concussion.Gay_Ukraine_Nazi_Attack

A spokesperson from Gay Alliance Ukraine said: “One of the main functions of the state is to protect its citizens.

“Gay Alliance Ukraine appeals to the law enforcement authorities with the demand to not only to punish the guilty in these two incidents, but to also do everything in their power to protect the lives, health and basic rights of the citizens of Ukraine.”

The incident came a day after 20 neo-Nazis descended on a cafe in Kryvyi Rih to attack a group of gay men.

The swell of neo-Nazi groups and extremist views spreading across Ukraine has posed an immediate risk to the country’s LGBT community – as well as the larger society. Yesterday, three policemen were killed after violent clashes between security forces and ultra-nationalist protesters.

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