After two Erskine College athletes come out as gay, school bans homosexuality

Rural South Carolina college issues statement to be added to official manual

Erskine College graduation 2007

It’s officially not okay to be gay at Erskine College in South Carolina.

Two male volleyball players came out publicly last year and although they have been accepted by teammates, the school has taken the step of issuing  a new official statement of human sexuality that is against homosexuality.

It states in part: ‘As a Christian academic community, and in light of our institutional mission, members of the Erskine community are expected to follow the teachings of scripture concerning matters of human sexuality and institutional decisions will be made in light of this position.’

It also states: ‘Sexual relations outside of marriage or between persons of the same sex are spoken of in scripture as sin and contrary to the will of the Creator.’

Juan Varona, one of the two out volleyball players, expressed his disappointment saying the ‘school took several steps back instead of progressing towards a future where everyone can be treated as an equal, in the school taking this step.’

‘The release of this statement makes me disappointed because I have never received anything but kind treatment from everyone at this school, and my sexual orientation is no secret. So it took me by surprise,’ he told Outsports which featured his story last year.

‘… When I saw the mention of sexual orientation being an issue, it just made me sad and worried for other gay people who might be struggling with confidence to come out.

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