An openly gay mayor has been appointed to North Down Borough Council for the first time.


Alliance councillor Andrew Muir was elected to the position on Thursday and has chosen the theme of his term of office to be ‘Working as one’.
A graduate of the University of Ulster, the keen athlete holds a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.
He told UTV: “My sexuality hasn’t been an issue for me nor for my electorate nor my constituents since I became a councillor in 2010.
“And it won’t be a defining issue for me as mayor because the challenge as mayor is to reach out and represent everyone across our society – people of different faiths, backgrounds.”
Mayor Muir says that this is how society will move forward.
“I think it’s a proud moment for me – but there’s lots of challenges and opportunities ahead.”
Bringing economic growth to the area, reaching out to people and celebrating the diversity of activity are at the top of his agenda.
“If we work as one we can achieve so much more for everyone across the borough.”
Councillor Jennifer Gilmour was elected as North Down’s new deputy mayor.
The DUP politician is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast.

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