Andrew Christian Models Share Their Coming Out Stories

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We can hardly believe it ourselves, but Pride month is already here.

In recognition of Queer Pride 2015, underwear designer Andrew Christian sat down with a group of his models to reflect on their own personal coming out stories and journeys to living as their authentic selves. From growing up in religious households to losing and gaining relationships, these stories are sure to resonate with any queer person who has gone through the coming out process.

“For this year, we decided to share our own stories of how we came to have so much Pride,” the video’s description notes. “The road may not always be easy but it is always worth while to come out, be free, and find the love in the world. Hopefully by sharing our stories we are able to further inspire others and continue to help, as the song says, change the world.”

Plus… it’s male models in their underwear… kind of hard to get angry about that, right?

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