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The Farewell Symphony

Auth: Edmund White Pub: Penguin This is a rather difficult review. The author claims to have had sex with over a thousand men. My worry is – how did he remember all the details so clearly? Starting in the 1960Seand coming up to the present day, action takes place in New York, Rome and Paris. […]

Different Friends

by: Rhodri Jones This book is obviously written for an adolescent audience, with a below average reading age! It is set in a multi-cultural Town. The main characters living at home or just ‘moving’ away, and coming to terms with being out in the big bad real world. We have a hodge podge of mixed […]

Prince Eddy and the Homosexual Underworld

By:Eddy Aronson Pub: John Murray Pubs Ltd (June 1995) This hardback book has 246 pages, including indexes. In the ‘prologue’ it refers to a 1970 article which suggests that ‘Jack the Ripper’ was almost certainly Queen Victoria’s grandson, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale. Allied to this is the author’s conjecture that the […]

Affairs in Northern Ireland

This article was written in March 2006 by PA Mag Lochlainn for the magazine ‘ICON’ (Northern Ireland’s Gay Publication) We in the LGBT community of Northern Ireland are engaged, willingly or not, in a perpetual struggle for our rights. American homophobes claim that “the gay lobby” seeks special rights: in fact, it is they who […]


Columnists in the metropolitan glossy magazines aimed at metrosexuals (as opposed to mere homosexuals, or bisexuals) have been, for some time, chewing the fat about the use of the word ‘gay’. Apparently it is, (or was), all the rage in school playgrounds. And other places where young persons gather. ‘Gay’ is used to describe anything […]

The Youngest Director

Auth: Martyn Goff Pub: Brillance Books Written in the 1950’Seand first published in 1961, this, Goff’s second novel with a Gay theme, is the story of a successful Company Director whose rise to the top is thwarted by the Chairman’s discovering that he Leonard, the youngest Director is Gay, due to betrayal by another Gay […]

Death Trick

[ Author: Richard Stevenson Pub: Alyson Pub Inc Very, very good – best of its kind – according to the people who read it. But nobody’s produced a review]


Auth: Tom Wakefield Pub: GMP The story is about two men who meet on National Service. They are both passive characters – no fight, no bite, they failing, rather than create, a relationship. There is no real change in them or their relationship though it goes from the 1950’s until the mid-seventies.

About upstart Publishing?

Mission Statement: “upstart publishing” is a Gay community publication which provides support across all ages, all social levels, all genders, all ethnic communitieSeand all faiths.   In 1982, Se n McGouran, and David (Terry) McFarlane took over as the editors of NIGRA (the Northern Ireland Gay rights Association)’s publication Gay Star, following in the foot […]