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Park service releases LGBT history study

History to everyone is important, but for those who have not been able to have their full identity because of family or societal pressures, or laws which punished their very existence, history can become a poison chalice.  It is extremely comforting to know, that one country, which even though it still has its share of […]

IBM VP Claudia Brind-Woody

Diversity Policies: A policy on workplace diversity: Makes a commitment to anti-discriminatory practices and fosters equal opportunity through the removal of systemic barriers. Can reinforce compliance with human rights legislation. Is a statement of an organization’s values LGBT diversity policies, procedures, advocacy and impact – Business Insider Claudia Brind-Woody, vice president and managing director, speaks to […]

Recruitment Drive

NIGRA is on a recruitment drive for you! The law in Northern Ireland on gay relationships was changed through the actions of NIGRA and Jeff Dudgeon’s legal case which went through the legal system in the United Kingdom and then to the Europen Courts of Human Rights. NIGRA and Jeff did not do this on […]

Texas Twins: The Story of Morgan and Nash

EVERYTHING BETTER (if not, necessarily BIGGER) IN TEXAS (?) Texas Twins: The Story Of Morgan & Nash Howard Roffman Bruno Gmünder ISBN 9 763861 878582 The ‘story’ element in this publication is not very prominent, the “text” takes up less than one of the – square – pages. Morgan and Nash, who seem not to have […]


GOODBYE LENIN! – 2003 Bavaria Film International Director: Wolfgang Becker This genuinely charming movie stars the handsome, and talented, Daniel Brühl, as Alex. He’s the son of Christiane (Katrin Sass – who doesn’t really look old enough to be his Mam), though it is implied that she was taken advantage of by the absent father […]