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i am Jazz

Editorial: Resources for transgender ‘kids’  are not always obvious when you go looking for them, I am reposting an article from the Human Rights Campain which provides resources to enable  libraries and schools to support transgender kids.   More than 600 people in the small town of Mt. Horeb, Wis., recently came together to read […]

LGBT Rights in the Commonwealth

LGBT Rights in the Commonwealth 40 of the 53 states still have laws which criminalise same-sex relationships in some way   The Kaleidoscope Trust has published its biennial report on the state of LGBTI people’s rights across the Commonwealth. Speaking Out 2015 documents theCommonwealth’s poor record in protecting the rights of its LGBTI citizens and  has been released […]

Transgender Equality

The House of Commons Select Committee on Women and Equalities has published its report on Transgender Equality – the report is concerned with equality issues affecting transgender (or “trans”)1 people, an umbrella term describing a diverse minority group whose members often experience very stark inequality. The report would appear to be comprehensive, but until we and […]


Editorial: The definition of justice varies from individual, to individual, depending upon what has happened, how it has affected that individual, and also on how it has affected the societal group that he or she belongs to. The Law Dictionary defines justice as:  “Protecting rights and punishing wrongs using fairness. It is possible to have […]