BBC Archive on Gay Rights

It is amazing how when you start surfing the net you end up so far from where you started off, it makes you wonder if you have been spending your time wisely?

I was sent a link to Irish Centre for the Histories of Labour & Class, purely because it is known that I like reading history, and that I like researching.  So I get to the link, and start browsing, and then decide to find out if there was any ‘gay’ material on the site.  The search gave me a link to the BBC Archive on Gay Rights, which has 30 podcasts on a range of historically significant points in history for Gay Rights; the BBC says:

In 1967, homosexuality was partially decriminalised in England and Wales. Since then, terms like ‘clause 28’, ‘the age of consent’ and ‘civil partnerships’ have become part of the political language in the fight for gay rights.

In this collection, we chart the story so far for gay and lesbian equality in the UK. Many of the programmes reflect the language common at the time when they were first broadcast and illustrate the changing attitudes towards homosexuality in the last 50 years.

Campaigners unroll a rainbow banner.

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