Bill requires gay bullying section to protect kids

Belfast Telegraph logoPUBLISHED08/12/2015


The letter by Stella Wilson about the bullying Bill (Write Back, December 4) is inherently homophobic and I am concerned that attitudes like this lead to bullying of LGBTQ children.


The Green Party believes the Bill needs specific inclusion of LGBTQ bullying as a further measure to protect young people.

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Ms Wilson’s interpretation of what is “indoctrination with gay materials” highlights a woeful lack of knowledge. It appears she is implying that children should be whipped into line to follow a particular social narrative. This is unhelpful, dangerous and part of the wider problem.

We need to ensure that we teach our children confidence, individuality and, most importantly, love for themselves and others. Every child is different and should be celebrated as such.

I completely refute the baseless attempt to provide a correlation between providing services under the bullying Bill and “sexualisation”.

This is unfounded, precarious and unsubstantiated nonsense.


Chair, Queer Greens NI  Green Party NI logo

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