Bomb squad evacuates LGBT charity over suspicious package

Editorial:  Yesterday we had a bomb left under a police family car in Northern Ireland, and in Southern Ireland a suspicious package was left at a LGBT charity – it would seem that CALL NIGRA NOW!in today’s society any group or individual which doesn’t follow a particular party or group line is a valid target – WE DO NOT BELIEF THAT THIS IS RIGHT.  WE ASK THAT YOU MAKE YOUR FEELING FELT ON THIS MATTER.  WRITE YOUR COMMENTS HERE,



Bomb disposal experts have evacuated the office of an LGBT charity – after they were sent a suspicious package.

Staff at Irish LGBT charity GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network) alerted police after they received a package this morning.

It is believed that staff opened a package to find a blue powder, with a note that read ‘goodbye’.

Emergency services treated the incident as a potential threat, and dispatched a number of specialist teams to the building on Upper Exchange Street, Dublin.

The charity tweeted pictures throughout the response. Six fire engines and a bomb disposal team are currently on site.

Tiernan Brady of GLEN told “The intent was to terrorise – no matter what was in the envelope.

“We’ve never had this before and the goal was to scare us and inflict terror.”

Staff that were inside the building, but they reassured: “We are all safe. Leaving the professionals to it!”

GLEN is one of Ireland’s largest gay rights groups, and was instrumental in calling for a ‘Yes’ vote in last month’s same-sex marriage referendum.

UPDATE 14:00: Staff are currently being evacuated from the building.

UPDATE 14:14: Bomb experts are currently testing the substance.

UPDATE 14:55: The all-clear has been given, after experts declared the substance non-toxic.

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