Book Review: EXPOSÉ by Paul Ilett


EXPOSÉ by Paul Ilett

THE DAILY EAR is the world’s most infamous tabloid newspaper with an unparalleled reputation for exposing the private lives of the rich and famous. Feared by celebrities and politicians alike, it has left a trail of shattered lives in its wake.

But reporters have secrets too.

And what better way for Gay superstar Adam Jaymes to reap revenge than to do to the staff at Daily Ear what they’ve been doing to everyone else for decades?

Exposé is a satirical thriller that takes readers into the murky world of the UK’s No1 daily paper, as the shameful secrets of the tabloid’s star journalists are exposed for all to see.

Touching on dozens of real-life scandals, the novel will keep you guessing who at the tabloid is next on Jaymes’ hit list and what deep, dark secrets he is about to expose.


“Tabloid newspapers thrive on the saucy, salacious secrets of celebs. But imagine if the tables suddenly turned and the staff were under the spotlight? As megastar actor Adam Jaymes rips into the private lives of the team at the Daily Ear, you’ll find yourself eagerly awaiting the exposés – and wondering who’s next on his hit list. There are plenty of unsavoury characters to choose from but they’re still quite likeable at the same time which is down to the great writing. A fantastic début from a former journalist” ★★★★ The Sun

“A timely tale of tabloid culture – sure to appeal to celebrity readers especially” Attitude Magazine

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