Icelandic children’s show perfectly explains being gay

An Icelandic kids television show has given a touching explanation of what it’s like to be gay.

Stundin Okkar, the longest running programme for children in the country, aired the scene in a recent episode, with former Eurovision contestant Paul Oscar making a guest appearance.

When asked by a woman on the show when he knew that he was gay, he replies: “You don’t decide what makes your heart beat, it just beats.”

Iceland has long been known as a tolerant society for LGBT people – the country was the first to elect an openly gay head of state, with Johanna Sigurdardottir becoming Prime Minister in 2009


20 years of Hollyoaks, one killer week

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The brand new, visually stunning trailer for Hollyoaks starts off with the most fantastic Pride party… But things quickly take a turn for the worse.

Ste and Harry look like they’re having a great time.

Even as the rain starts to fall…

But look out… The gloved hand killer makes an appearance as the waters rise.

It was filmed over three days at Pinewood studios, using a special underwater tank.

The soundtrack to the trailer is by the fantastic, Charli XCX. Which song? We hear you ask… Die Tonight of course.

Watch the stunning trailer here…

20 years of Hollyoaks, One Killer Week – from October 19th on C4. #hollyoaks20years



Hollyoaks is gearing up for a gay reunion

by Thomas Ling


Trans people react to UK’s new trans sitcom Boy Meets Girl


04 September 2015


The critics have had their say about the BBC sitcom, but what did trans people think?

Trans people react to UK’s new trans sitcom Boy Meets Girl


But it is trans people, who are being represented in BBC comedy properly for the first time, that have had the most interesting thoughts on the show.

Rebecca Root, a trans actress, stars in the show in the lead role Judy.

Speaking to GSN, trans male activist Leng Montgomery said: ‘It’s about time British TV started reflecting trans actors in its programmes, especiallly as it’s a great way to include and represent the society we live in.

‘It can also help convey some of the issues trans people face and hopefully create empathy and understanding.

‘I also think it’s very important for visibility as overall it promotes greater understanding and acknowledgement of trans people and opens up a new pool of acting talent.

And Jane Fae, journalist and GSN contributor, said: ”Like many in the trans community, I settled down to watch Boy Meets Girl with the promise of seeing something different. I wasn’t disappointed.  It was, as it said on the wrapper, a mainstream romcom/sitcom in which trans is just there: a part of the furniture, if you like, as opposed to the elephant in the room it so often becomes. Especially when well-meaning directors set out to say something meaningful about the topic.

‘But was it any good?  Despite the sniffy reactions from some mainstream critics, I think the answer has to be a 100% unqualified yes. The budding romance between transsexual Judy and and shy, self-conscious Leo was touching, appropriately awkward and, in the end, endearing.

‘I suspect I was not the only viewer who felt a lump well up in her throat at their first rain-soaked kiss. Other characters are well-drawn: dialogue is witty in an under-stated sort of way; and in Judy’s mum, Peggy (Janine Duvitski) I could not help wondering if we were watching a national treasure in the making.

‘A big thumbs up to this programme, and to Rebecca Root.  It was a long time coming, but is well worth the wait.’

Paris Lees, the top of 2013’s Independent on Sunday’s Pink List, said:

CN Lester, singer-songwriter, had a few more cons to say about the show:



And one trans Twitter user responded in the perfect way:

Just caught up w/ . Pros: Leads have great chemistry, absolutely lights up the screen

CN Lester, singer-songwriter, had a few more cons to say about the show:



And one trans Twitter user responded in the perfect way:


The next episode of Boy Meets Girl airs on BBC 2 at 9.30pm on Thursday 10 September.

Watch the trailer below:

Gay comedy to launch on YouTube this month





Guys Guys, a British comedy series, is to be played in weekly episodes, launching its first three episodes on 7 September.

The series follows the dating misadventures of a newly single guy who’s just moved to London. The guy, played by Kes Baxter, is put in different dating scenarios with a different guest character in each sketch, which undoubtedly goes very wrong, very quickly.

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Written by Kes Baxter along with Lee Butterley it’s based on the successful Dutch web series ‘De Meisjes van Thijs’. Originally starting as an online sketch, it has since been broadcast on Comedy Central in the Netherlands.

Kalki Aporos the series director instantly liked the idea of creating the British version saying: “We loved the character of Thijs and saw a market for something similar in the London gay scene. Guy’s Guys proves that the struggles for awkward people to get a date are universal.

“We have made Guy’s Guys with love and enthusiasm as we basically had no money. Lots of people have dedicated their time and energy into the series, and we hope we’ve produced something that the audience will be able to not only laugh at, but also relate to in some way.”

Check out the trailer for Guy’s Guy here:

Follow Guy’s Guy at their YouTube channel  and Facebook for all the info. 


New Documentary Claims Both Kray Twins Were Bisexual


Kray Bros

Kray Bros


The Kray brothers are the subject of a new movie, Legend, starring Tom Hardy in both roles. Although Ronnie Kray was said to be openly bisexual (some even say he was gay), his twin brother Reggie was known to be straight. In the trailer for The Krays: Kill Order, a documentary about the notorious East End gangsters, a close connection to the twins claims that both of the brothers liked men.

“They were both bisexual,” says Maureen Flanagan, a hairdresser who had Violet Kray, Ronnie and Reggie’s mother, as one of her clients.

Flanagan also points out Ronnie’s hatred for Reggie’s wife, Frances Shea. According to the documentary, Ronnie was suspected of staging Frances’ murder to make it seem like a suicide. Witnesses claim that Reggie’s marriage was a lie, and that he was actually in love with her brother. Talk about some family drama!

Watch the trailer for the documentary below:

Click here to watch the trailer for Legend with Tom Hardy as both Kray twins.

Channel4: Dispatches :Hunted: Gay and Afraid

Dispatches investigates the networks supporting a wave of anti-gay laws around the world




Dispatches takes another look at the rights of gay people around the world

In 2014 Channel 4’s Dispatches revealed the extent of vicious hate crime in Russia with their award-winning documentary Hunted.

Now they’re back with an investigation into the global networks that support all sorts of anti-gay laws around the world.

In this one hour programme, Liz MacKean’s team exposes the well-funded backlash against gay rights led by organisations that promote “family values”.

At a time when equality for gay communities across the globe may feel more within reach that ever before, Dispatches shines a light on a group called the World Congress of Families who have established links in over 80 countries. The documentary investigates the WCF’s involvement in anti-gay laws including the Russian legislation banning gay couples from adopting children.

The Dispatches documentary also interviewed Pastor Scott Lively, who had previously linked homosexuality with paedophilia and who also advised the Ugandan government on how they might take forward their anti-homosexuality legislation.

Hunted: Gay and Afraid was shown  on Channel 4 Dispatches, 23 July at 11.05pm, however it is still available on Channel 4 at this time.

Further reading:

Ben Mitchell Gay Sex Scene On EastEnders Attracts 48 Complaints

By The Gay UK, Jul 21 2015 02:13PM


Belated as it may be, we are introducing the  implied gay sex scene which could land the BBC in trouble with OfCom after 48 complaints were made to the regulatory body (however we now know that the BBC was not landed in trouble – see our previous entry)


A scene between the characters Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) and Paul Coker saw the pair getting topless and kissing in front of an open coffin in a funeral parlour.Speaking to Digital Spy, a spokesperson for the BBC said,

“The millions of regular ‘EastEnders’ fans who tune in each week know and expect dramatic storylines.

“We are always mindful of our time slot in which we are shown and the scenes in question were implied and not explicit.


A review of BBC 'Nolan' talk show with Jim McAlister and other guests

NolanQuite a whlle ago, Jim McAlister was on a BBC (NI) talk show ‘Nolan’  which had a number of threads including gay marriage; our reviewer’s analysis was as follow:


…You owe me a serious slug of good rum, mate.  Watching an hour of of inter-Unionist wrangling is enough to make a man take to the quare stuff.

   I assume it is Series 4, Episode 5, with Jim Alister (a man who rather uncomfortably makes a lot of sense to me), and the UUP man, tho’ I note neither of them makes the obvious comment, “Why aren’t the political groups in contention to run the UK state over here soliciting your votes?”, Shaun Woodward did make subdued comment on that talking about his constituency of St Helen’s.  Generally he was talking bollix – the ‘party line’ – I’ve reasons to suspect his personal view is a bit different.  He know quite well what Alister said is right, the Scots and Welsh actively campaigned for their representative bodies, the public in NI was overwhelmingly indifferent.  The big votes for the GFA then the Assembly was about bringing the gunfire to a halt.
   Nolan, 3′ 42″ in, mentioned ‘gay marriage’, presumably on the grounds that the Assembly stopped it.  And he said (3′ 42″) “…civil partnership imposed…”, one could quibble about  the word ‘imposed’, and the implication that people in NornIrl broadly object to such things, which is probably inaccurate. 
   But it is only one interpretation of what he said – presumably a committee works on such things to find the BBC’s fabled ‘centre ground’.
   What is objectionable is the Beeb’s notion of Gays on one side being balanced by Bible-thumpers on the other, when it is quite clear that people in NI are not merely not anti-LGBT but are largely not merely tolerant, but well-disposed, as proven – beyond peradventure – by three Prides.
   And the Prides are not just tolerated, they are popular public events, and people – families – have their own spots to view them from…

Sean McGouran

Greg Louganis On How His Life Has Changed for the Better