Strictly to have same sex couple


Craig Revel Horwoord reveals all

In an interview with OK!, Craig Revel Horwood has revealed that Strictly Come Dancing will feature a same sex couple this year or the next.

He said at the TruTV Drag Race party last night, that it wasn’t clear what gender the couple would be but assured fans that it would definitely be happening.

“It’ll be either this year or next, but most certainly it will happen. They did it already in Hungary or somewhere,” Craig said.

In 2014 the British Dance Council considered changing the rules for ballroom dancing, meaning same sex couples would not be allowed to participate in events. This however would not have affected a TV show such as Strictly Come Dancing.

Craig went on to say: “We should encourage that sort of thing absolutely, there are competitions throughout the world that have same sex couples, you just have to decide who goes backwards darling.”

GT recently reported on Mr Gay World, Stuart Hatton Jr, and strictly dancer Callum MacDonald coming together with Freed of London to support the future of same-sex dancing.

This is definitely a move in the right direction and we can’t wait!

Words Paul Greenough, @paulsgreenough

James Corden plays dodgeball with One Direction

Republished from Gay Times

he 1D boys prepare for the match of their lives

he 1D boys prepare for the match of their lives

Sporting matching team vests, ‘Corden’s Angels’ take on the Ball Busters in one of the funniest dodgeball games we’ve ever seen.

The One Direction boys run around in skimpy red sports while balls are rapidly fired at them by their feisty opponents.

You really need to see it for yourself. Watch the full video below to see how they faired in the game…

Words Christopher McParlan, @chrismcparlan

Coronation Street gets a new hunk!

Shanye Ward joins Coronation Street

The former X Factor winner is swapping the stage for the cobbles

Today, it has been announced that former X Factor winner, Shayne Ward, will be joining the cast of Coronation Street. He is set to play the role of Aidan Connor, a distant cousin of Michelle (Kym Marsh).

On hearing the news he had been offered the part, Shayne revealed, “I was in total disbelief. It still hasn’t sunk it. Shayne Ward the lad from Manchester, given such a role on such an iconic show – it is an absolute dream come true.”

Naked athletes we've loved

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Nick Youngquest from the 2009 “Gods of Football” calendar. – Pedro Virgil

Jocks in the buff, inadvertently or not, have given us a lot of pleasure.


One of the fun parts of doing Outsports for the past 15 years have been the stories about naked athletes. They are always fun and popular since they reveal sides of athletes that are almost never meant to be seen. With the advent of blogs and social media, more nudity has been revealed than ever, some intentional and some not.

Here are some personal favorites from the past 15 years:

Austrian rugby team loses 48-0, decides to dance in town naked.
When you lose 48-0 in rugby, you can hide in your room or you can do what this Austrian rugby team did — strip and perform “Singing in the Rain” in a Lithuanian town square. Video below sort-of NSFW:

Santonio Holmes naked in the shower.
We have no idea why the then-Steelers wide receiver decided to take a nude selfie, but it’s clear why he wore #10. Follow this link to the original story, which then has a link to the picture (which is NSFW).

Chris Cooley shows us his playbook and his penis at the same time.
NFL Washington tight end Chris Cooley wanted to post a photo on his blog of how he studies his playbook. Unfortunately, he was nude in his room at the time and didn’t notice his penis peeking out from under the playbook. The team was pissed that Cooley exposed his playbook, his mom that her son made a public spectacle of himself.

Fox Sports shows Viking’s penis to world.

 The same year that Cooley showed us his penis, Fox accidentally showed us Visan the Shiancoe naked in the Minnesota Vikings locker room after a win. It was a good year for tight end penis shots.

Nude selfies of Aussie rugby player show up on Twitter.
George Burgess is one of four totally hot brothers who play pro rugby in Australia. He’s the only one we know of to have nude selfies of himself wind up on Twitter. Suffice to say, Burgess is an impressive man all over.

Warwick rowers get naked to fight homophobia in sports.
The Warwick University rowing team in England has hit on a big money maker with their annual calendar and videos. They are also raising awareness of homophobia in sports, so they are good guys (and gals) doing a good thing while looking hot:


“Gods of Football” release charity calendar
Aussie Rules Football and rugby players teamed up in 2009 for “God of Football” calendar as a fund-raiser for the McGrath Foundation, which provides funding for breast cancer nurses. I always loved this quote from rugger David “Wolfman” Williams: “It’s for a good cause. Plus, I usually get nude for a lot less.” Williams also won the 2009 King of the Hardwood contest, voted on by Outsports readers as the world’s hottest jocks.

As a holiday treat, here are some photos by Pedro Virgil of the “Gods of Football”:

Gods of Football1
Gods of Football3
Gods of Football4
Gods of Football5
Gods of Football6
Gods of Football7
Gods of Football8

TV’s Power to Change Lives


Empire Jamal Jussie Smollett


Pictured: Jussie Smollett as Jamal in the ‘Empire’  finale | Photo: Chuck Hodes/FOX

LGBT-inclusive shows have been trending for years, but that two of the season’s biggest hits—Empire and How to Get Away with Murder—featured gay characters in sexual scenarios on Fox and ABC has defied typical ratings logic.

The former, created by award-winning director Lee Daniels (alongside straight writer Danny Strong), channels Daniels’s childhood experiences with homophobia in the African-American community into a melodrama about gay R&B star-in-training Jamal Lyon as he fights his family for power while looking for love.Daniels told Out that working on the show has also already changed mega-producer Timbaland’s “opinion on how he feels about gays.”

“He really had this epiphany,” Daniels said. “It was beautiful, and it deepened our friendship.”

Murder comes from Shonda Rhimes’s protégé Pete Nowalk, who made headlines by having gay character Connor rim a man in the pilot. “Putting out the character on network TV, especially someone who’s young and confident, is very important to me,” Nowalk explains. As for the racy sex, Nowalk says the scene made it into the story because it shows part of who Connor is. “He’s sexual, and he can use that to his benefit, but it’s also just one of the ways that he lives and feels good.”

For years, gay men and women toiled in the shadows of Hollywood, crafting funny and heartbreaking narratives for mainstream America. Alan Ball (Six Feet Under), Darren Star (Sex and the City), and Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) were among those who ruled the airwaves in the late ’90s and early aughts, but with content focused largely on women and families. Now, similar creatives are openly discussing their personal lives and translating them into stories for the rest of the world. American Horror Story was created by Power List regular Ryan Murphy, whose groundbreaking Glee ended this year. Arrow and its hit spin-off, The Flash (with a gay villain played by openly gay actor Andy Mientus), have Greg Berlanti at the helm. Brad Bredeweg and Peter Paige, along with executive producers Greg Gugliotta and Joanna Johnson, have made The Fosters a mainstay. And when it comes to HBO’s The Comeback and Looking, there’s practically a gay man at every level of production, including Dan Bucatinsky, Michael Lannan, and Andrew Haigh.

Considering that Berlanti had to threaten to quit his job to get the first gay prime-time kiss on Dawson’s Creek just 15 years ago, TV has come a long way in terms of the real, open, sexual, complicated (and sometimes boring) LGBT characters now found on nearly every network, as well as the streaming sites Netflix and Amazon.Berlanti has made it a point to include gay characters in everything he’s done and has seen a cultural evolution. “It’s rewarding when you talk to younger writers and directors who say that they saw something that you did and that it had an impact on them,” he explains. “I like to think I’ve played a small, small part in some of that.”

Stunning Ads Show Love Is Love No Matter Who You Are Or How You Look

 Editorial:  Zim’s wonderful colourful stunning ads show how love is for everyone!

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Love patient. Love is kind. Love is colorful.

A new ad campaign for Brazilian company Zim showcases three couples covered in the vibrant hues of Zim’s non-toxic and non-staining colored powder, BoredPanda reports. Two of the images feature same-sex couples.

The ads, by the Salvador-based agency Tuppi Propaganda, have spread love for the LGBT community around the globe.

“Our initial intention was very simple: the fact that love is universal,” Zim staff wrote in a blog post, per a Huffington Post translation. “It mixes our colors, our hears and minds and all of its forms are valid and bring happiness. We represented a little of this in the campaign’s photos, but it’s important to also say that many other combinations, that weren’t entered here, exist and are as beautiful as these.”

zim color ad

Zim Color & Tuppi
zim color ad

Zim Color & Tuppi
zim color

Zim Color & Tuppi

Dafydd from BBC Wales Playhouse Series

Reviewed in ‘upstart

  • Actors: Richard Harrington, William Thomas
  • Directors: Ceri Sherlock
  • Producers: Gareth Rowlands


BBC Cymru/BBC Wales – Wales Playhouse TV Series

the problem with this 55 minute long program/video/movie (directed by Ruth Caleb, distributed by Pride Video [Currently unavailable] is that it attempts too much and too little.  Dafydd, from Pontypridd, meets David Davies in Amsterdam.  Dafydd is a rent boy (how he got to Amsterdam, why he is a rent boyand not a druggie like the rest of the boys is not explained.  His only characteristic, apart from being Welsh-speaking, is a love of opera).  Davies (William Thomas) is something in music, he tells Dafydd he is a teacher, but appears to be in Amsterdam on administrative business.

Davies’ brutal death, apparently at the hands of a (female) prostitute and her pimp ends the drama.  It doesn’t ring true, nor do a lot of other incidents in this movie, not even as dramatic devices.  The pimp, earlier, sems to have been asking Dafydd for (at least) physical comfort.  The “real” Gay boys in this drama are quite effeminate.  They are seen hanging about the quays and toilets.

Richard Harrington (Dafydd) is the psossessor of the most eloquent nostrils since Kenneth Williams’ heyday.  He’s playing against type here.  David Davies is described in the blurb as having problems with his sexuality.  This is demonstrated by showing images of (her) SM.  In “real life” he’d be bisexual.  It seems that bi’s are going through the grisly murder/pathetic suicide cycle (like lesbians and homosexual men) before being absorbed into drama as characters in teir own right.

This little drama has all of the Beeb’s virtues and failings.  There are brilliant production values, photography and acting.  There is also timidity.  Sex is not a cheerful subject.  The cheeriest scene is where Dafydd and two sissy boys break into a disco and dance – and drink and take drugs – with their kit all the way off.  This video breaks no new ground, other than to put Welsh intto the mouths of the protagonists, and to introduce Richard Harrington to a wider audience.  (He is very comely in the buff, as smooth-skinned and hairless as an Irish boy).

Well, then |NorIrl Beeb and UTV, when are we getting an Ulster spin on matters Gay?  How about a wee (Gay girl from the Shankill meets a wee similar from the (Short) Strand in ’72 and live in connubial bliss in Sunnyside Street?Dafydd (1995) Poster


Reviewer:  Sean McGouran


Further reading:

Ballet Boyz

Television Review – Ballet Boys


BalletBoyz is the brainchild of Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt who founded the company in 2001.

BalletBoyz is the brainchild of Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt who founded the company in 2001.

Germane to the review on ‘The Short History of a Prince’ was a 3-part series on Channel 4 early in 2000.  It was Ballet Boyz videotaped by Trevitt and Nunn, two fairly senior dancers with the Royal Ballet.  The series was quite interesting for the balletomane, but the real drama (whereby Trevitt, Nunn and three other premiers danseurs went off to form a company in Japan) was largely left camera.  There was a shot or two of the celebrations on the contract signing.  Trevitt (24 at the time) said it was the first adult act of his life.

The most interesting aspect of this series was the attitude taken to it (and to Trevitt and Nunn) by the television critics.  The Indy’s man thought that the spelling “boyz”, and Trevitt’s being called ‘Billy’ meant that we were getting a “butch” message.  (They don’t get out often enough, poor dears:  too much telly).

The Grauniad man “puzzled over why ballet-master Christopher Carr should be nicknamed ‘Vicki’.  Mr Carr was not as camp as the proverbial row of tents, so much as a full-scale International Jamboree.  Both these reporters (and John Lyttle in the Daily Express) made an issue of these two men “rush[ing] out [to] record evidence that they are both married with children” [Guardian].  It was largely a few shots of Trevitt’s beautiful children, as they learned how to use the video equipment.  And surely everybody points their camera at the family on first getting one?

The most dramatic moment in the series was when Anthony Dowell, Director of the Royal Ballet, led them into the refurbished Covent Garden opera house. (The opera and ballet companies had led a nomadic life for three or four years).  This was the point where they had decided to fly the nest.  Dowell, a great dramatic dancer for a quarter century, looked directly through the camera-lens into Trevitt’s eyes: he knew.


Reviewer: Angus CAMERON


Love in black and white

Love in black and white: Farm’s pair of gay Humboldt penguins celebrate their first anniversary together

  • Peso and Squaddle coupled up after shunning females looking to mate
  • A year on, two-year-old Humboltd penguins only have eyes for each other
  • Staff gave couple a false egg during breeding season but they threw it out

These gay penguins have been together for a year, but are still as loved-up as ever.

Peso and Squaddle, two-year-old Humboldt penguins living at Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo in Pembrokeshire, coupled up a year ago after shunning females looking to mate.

While their fellow penguins prepare for breeding season, the pair only have eyes for each other as they get ready to celebrate their first anniversary this month.

Happy anniversary! Peso (right) and Squaddle (left) got together after shunning females looking to mate

Happy anniversary! Peso (right) and Squaddle (left) got together after shunning females looking to mate

Two's company! Zoo staff had given the couple a false egg during breeding season, but they threw it away

Two’s company! Zoo staff had given the couple a false egg during breeding season, but they threw it away

Staff at Folly Farm say the young lovers have no interest in procreating.

They had been given a false egg, so that they wouldn’t feel left out during breeding season – but they threw it out of their love nest.

Penguin keeper Catrin Thomas said: ‘We’re approaching breeding season and at around two years old, penguins become sexually mature, so we thought this year they may show some interest but they haven’t as yet.

‘All the other penguins are busy making nests at the top of the penguin beach, scrambling around hurriedly and gathering twigs, but Peso and Squaddle stay by the pool preening each other.’

Penguin posers: The Humboldts, who live at Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire, are celebrating their first anniversary 

Penguin posers: The Humboldts, who live at Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire, are celebrating their first anniversary

They only have eyes for each other! The pair have no interest in procreating and threw the egg of their nest

They only have eyes for each other! The pair have no interest in procreating and threw the egg of their nest

She added: ‘Peso and Squaddle don’t seem to be interested in anything else but each other, and certainly not procreating.

‘They’re just enjoying each other’s company.’

Tim Morphew, Folly Farm’s zoo manager, said: ‘We wanted to mark the occasion and the year anniversary of Peso and Squaddle getting together.

‘Everybody who comes to Folly Farm says theirs is a really sweet love story and we wanted to celebrate the fact they were still going strong a year on.’

Humboltd penguins, who are monogamous and mate for life, can take a partner aged between two and eight-years-old.


Penguins have been observed engaging in homosexual behaviour from as early as 1911.

George Murray Levick documented the sexual behaviour of Adélie penguins in Antarctica, but his notes were considered too indecent to publish at the time. They were rediscovered and published in the journal Polar Record a century later in 2012.

More recently, a pair of chinstrap penguins called Roy and Silo became a famous ‘gay penguin’ couple after the New York Times published an article about them in 2004.

The penguins, who live in New York’s Central Park Zoo, were noticed performing mating rituals in 1998, by staff – although they were never seen to perform sex acts.

They were then given an egg to hatch and raise as their own – a practice copied by zoos across the world. Their chick, named Tango, grew up to form a same sex relationship with another female penguin.

Their story was the basis for a controversial children’s book in 2005 called ‘And Tango Makes Three’. But the couple later split, and Silo paired with a female penguin.

Last year, a pair of Humboldt penguins, called Jumbs and Kermit, from Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent, adopted the chick of a female called Isobel who had to abandon her egg to find food.

Staff at Wingham Wildlife Park said they were the two ‘best penguin parents’ the zoo has ever had.

But a French study in 2010 said penguins only have gay ‘flings’ because they are lonely, but ultimately end up in a heterosexual couple.

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Controversy Over That Gay Teen Kiss

There’s Controversy Over That Gay Teen Kiss On ‘The Fosters’

Posted: Updated:

ABC Family made history when two 13-year-old characters shared a same-sex kiss on the show “The Fosters.” However, with broken ground came angry tweets from those who disapproved of the scene.

“The Fosters,” which is currently in its second season, focuses on the story of a lesbian couple and their family of biological and fostered children. Last week, friends Jude (Hayden Byerly, 14) and Connor (Gavin MacIntosh, 15) kissed after a build-up around their blossoming relationship. It was the youngest gay kiss in TV history. While some were thrilled with the progressive and powerful message, others took to Twitter and bashed the show, calling it a “sin” and “cultural suicide.”

Show co-creators Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg defended the scene while speaking with TheWrap.

“When people question the scene my response has been: ‘Everyone has a first kiss and you remember it. How old were you?’ Ninety percent of people who have an answer come back and say, ‘I was 12, 13 and 14 years old,’ and I say, ‘Exactly. It was time to see this, time to put this up for the world,'” Bredeweg said. “Then people understand, they’re able to wrap their heads around it.”

“I would say its very easy to balk at or sensationalize the headline, but its hard to deny the truth or the integrity of the whole story,” Paige added. “We are here to tell the true stories of what it is to grow up and these are true stories of what it is to grow up as a young, potentially gay person. It’s the truth and that’s all.”

Although he admitted his hesitation as a straight male, Byerly told the Daily Beast he came to terms with filming the gay kiss because of the impact it could have for viewers of the show, particularly for the LGBT community.

“It was very important to portray a character that is going through a struggle that so many people go through,” he said. “I want people to watch the show and see the struggle that Jude goes though and feel more comfortable about themselves; to feel like it doesn’t matter whether you are gay or straight or bisexual or transgender or whatever you are, that you are happy with who you are, and that you are accepting of yourself. My hope is that people watch the scene and they are happy to see something on television that represents them.”

Watch the scene from “The Fosters” below.