Court Decision: Lee v Ashers Baking Co Ltd

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland welcomes the judgement given in Belfast in the case of Lee v Gareth LeeAshers Baking Co Ltd. This case raised issues of public importance regarding the extent to which suppliers of goods and services can refuse service on grounds of sexual orientation, religious belief and political opinion.

The Court’s decision confirms the legal responsibilities on all service providers not to discriminate against their customers on these grounds.

The Commission’s Advisory Services Team can provide advice to employers and service providers. For further information Tel: 028 90500600 or email


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  1. John Allman
    John Allman says:

    Editorial: Mr Allman has asked for comments regarding ‘Why Tesco should resist pressure to discriminate against Asher’s bakery‘. NIGRA would ask that if you do respond, that you do so with care and attention to the situation, discrimination from any side, as we have already stated, is not acceptable.

    Mr Allman wrote: I would like to invite comments from readers of this statement, on my own recent blog posts on this topic

    An eye for an eye and a cake for a cake

    No platform for gay cakes!



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