Cuddling is good for you


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Allison Renner has written that it is no secret that cuddling can make you feel good … but did you know that there is actually a scientific reason for this?

Her research has shown ten positive reasons for cuddling:

  • Cuddling releases oxytocin, a hormone which does everything from making you feel good to helping you connect with others
  • Cuddling boosts the immune system
  • Cuddling relieves pain. What do we do naturally when a child gets hurt, we cuddle them
  • Cuddling helps deepen relationships
  • Cuddling can lead to more – Even non-erotic touch can release dopamine, which is a hormone that increases sexual desire
  • Cuddling helps women bond
  • Cuddling reduces social anxiety – Oxytocin inspires positive thinking. It helps you have an optimistic outlook on the world.
  • Cuddling reduces stress
  • Cuddling lowers your risk of heart disease
  • Cuddling doesn’t have a definition – Cuddling doesn’t have to be between you and your romantic partner

So why am I so interested in cuddling (apart from the obvious that is); according to a study on the changing social habits of heterosexual males, it revealed that 98 percent of the study’s participants — all white, college-age male athletes — have shared a bed with another guy. In addition, 93 percent also reported having spooned or cuddled with another man.

According to the study co- author and sociologist Mark McCormack, of Durham University, the study’s results demonstrate changing conceptions of masculinity in contemporary culture. As homophobia decreases, McCormack says, straight men are acting “much softer” than those from older generations — something he and Eric Anderson, of the University of Winchester, set out to examine.
This then raises the question, do straight men feel as comfortable with gay men if they cuddle them? According to the study, American men are still slightly reserved in the cuddling field, but British men (who have often been described as extremely reserved) are more advanced in these behaviours.

McCormack states “Homophobia hasn’t disappeared, but straight men today are not expected to be homophobic like they were in the 1980s and 1990s…’
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