Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn calls people who try to stop bullying of gay youth 'diversity Nazis'

British columnist claims Woman and Equalities Minister Nicky Morgan is ‘inadequate’

Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary, has been accused of affiliating with 'diversity Nazis'.

The Daily Mail’s notorious columnist Richard Littlejohn has written an article claiming those who try to stop bullying of gay teens are ‘diversity Nazis’.

The 60-year-old has criticized Education Secretary Nicky Morgan for her decision to pledge £2 million to fight homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in British schools.

Describing it as ‘ludicrous’ and ‘drivel’, Littlejohn claimed this is proof that Morgan is too ‘inadequate’ to do her job.

He referred to an Ofsted report, the official UK body that monitors schools, that said a village school in Cumbria was ‘inadequate’ following a series of racist and homophobic comments made by pupils.

Governors and staff defended the school, claiming it was based on only one incident of a child describing another as gay. Ofsted stands by their report, repeating their decision was based on many incidents of bullying.

‘A pound to a penny this ludicrous “task force” concludes that such prejudice and bullying is widespread, even where it doesn’t exist,’ Littlejohn rants in his column today (31 October).

‘How many more innocent children will be smeared as ‘bigots’, how many more schools will be forced out of business in pursuit of dogmatic political purity?

‘Former Education Secretary, Michael Gove tried to kill off this kind of drivel.

‘Unfortunately, his successor Nicky Morgan is desperate to ingratiate herself with the “diversity” Nazis who think the purpose of schools is social engineering, not education.

‘Sadly, we can only conclude that as a minister, Morgan is — what’s the word? — oh, yes: inadequate.’

In Stonewall’s latest report on homophobic bullying, they found 99% of teens surveyed had heard ‘gay’ being used in a negative way and over half had said they had been targeted for bullying over their sexuality.

In December 2012, Littlejohn wrote a column condemning transgender teacher Lucy Meadows. He claimed she would have a ‘devastating effect’ on the children after her transition.

Three months later, after her suicide, the coroner said Littlejohn ‘sought to ridicule and humiliate’ her.

Over 240,000 signed a petition calling on The Daily Mail to sack Littlejohn, but it was unsuccessful.

– See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/daily-mails-richard-littlejohn-calls-people-who-try-stop-bullying-gay-youth-diversity-nazis3#sthash.LDQYeHTn.dpuf

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