Eastenders' Gay romance scene in funeral parlour cleared by Ofcom



76 complaints have been made

TV Watchdog’s Ofcom have ruled there were no grounds to investigate the BBC over ‘implied’ romance between two men next to an open coffin.

The controversial scene features two characters, Ben Mitchell and Paul Coker stripped off above the waist, embracing each other next to an open coffin with a dead woman’s body inside.

The watchdog received 76 complaints after the scene was aired in July and fans of the soap were not afraid to express their anger over Twitter, branding it ‘disgraceful and distasteful’. Other fans tweeted ‘Well. Wasn’t expecting to watch #Eastenders tonight and see a dead body in a coffin… Thanks for that #horrible’.

Ofcom has since dismissed the complaints, which are thought to be about the location of the action rather than the sexuality of the characters, which comes after assessing whether there were grounds to launch a formal investigation.


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