Emily Brothers


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David Dinsmore: Apologise for the dehumanising article on Emily Brothers

Rowan Davis
Carshalton, United Kingdom
Trigger Warning: transphobia and ableism

Emily Brothers is standing as MP for the constituency of Sutton & Cheam in the next General Election. Being both a trans woman and blind, she has already come under attack from journalists, in particular Rodd Liddle of the Sun, who on the 10th of December said that:

“Thing is… being blind, how did she know she was the wrong sex” [1]

By reducing her down to her blindness and transness, Liddle has contributed to the dehamanisation and opression of trans people and those with disabilities, and has helped uphold ableist and transphobic norms in politics.

We deserve better, and as such The Sun should publically apologise

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