French Twist (GAZON MAUDIT)


Entertaining French Film

Released as ‘French Twist’, (2005), is a cult comedy written and directed by Josaine Balasko, who also stars alongside Victoria Abril and Alain Chabat. In French with subtitles.

Gazon MauditIn this very modern ménage à trois, Laurent (Chabat) is a serial philanderer who assumes his dutiful wife Loli (Abril) is blissfully ignorant of his cheating. However, when a broken-down campervan brings stranger Marijo (Balasko) into their lives, Loli starts a less conventional extramarital romance of her own.

It’s a saucy, daring comedy in which sex becomes an ever-shifting game of musical chairs.

Upset the American Bible Belt

This film upset the American Bible Belt because of the suggestion that a wife could leave her husband, even a complete womanising jerk, for a woman.  Not even one eyebrow was even slightly raised in disgust in Europe.

See the film at the Cinema Museum


If in London, on Sunday afternoon, May 31st, see the film at the remarkable Cinema Museum, near the Elephant and Castle. Tickets.

Not only do you get the film, but a selection of clips from other French comedy films in very relaxed surroundings.  You can a drink or snack – including quiche and pizza.  Really lovely venue.

cinema museum

The building used to be the Master’s House of the Lambeth Poor House, where Charlie Chaplin’s spent some time before he made his way to America.


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