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This game features gay sex, trans people, BDSM and is already a bestseller

Dragon Age Inquisition could be the most inclusive role-playing game ever

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, you can have gay sex, meet trans characters and indulge in a little kink.

Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition includes gay sex, trans characters and a realistic BDSM relationship and is already a bestseller.

This role-playing game has been flying off the shelves since it was released on 18 November, with players delving into the dark, fantasy world where they can choose their own path.

During gameplay, your Inquisitor can meet Iron Bull, a pansexual horned mercenary.

As a male or female character, you can have sex with him. If you choose to be a male, you get to see one of the sweetest depictions of gay love in gaming ever made.

If you choose to carry on the relationship, you can agree to add a little more kink if you wish. For those uninitiated into the world of BDSM, Iron Bull explains concepts such as a safe word and sub space to the main character.

If horns aren’t your thing, you can also meet Dorian, a gay renegade mage that only romances male characters.

And if guys aren’t you thing at all, meet up with Sera, an impulsive fighter, that is only interested in women.

And then if it wasn’t inclusive enough, legendary cisgender actress Jennifer Hale stars as Klem. Klem is transgender, one of the best soldiers in the game. If players need an explanation in how you should treat trans people, they’ve got one.

Gaming is often seen as reluctant to inclusivity, but Bioware may have just moved the industry forward – finally – into 2014.

Watch four videos, which are pretty NSFW-ish, below:

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