Gay Muslim risked death to produce documentary about pilgrimage

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On: May 3, 2015

By John Mack Freeman


Out Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma produced a documentary about his pilgrimage to Mecca (known in Islam as a “Hajj”). Primarily filmed with cell phones and small cameras, the documentary traces the trip through an area where homosexuality is punishable by death and filming is forbidden.

Via Queerty:

The film was denounced by the Iranian state media as a “Western conspiracy” to legitimize the “despicable sin of homosexuality,” and security for the three sold-out screenings a the Hot Docs festival in Toronto was amped up in light of the death threats and hate mail Sharma has received.

“The Hajj is the highest calling for any Muslim,” Sharma explained. “For years I felt I really needed to go, so this film is about me coming out as a Muslim. I’m done coming out as a gay man.”

He shot the film on iPhones and other small cameras, as filming is not permitted. Along the way his equipment was seized, footage deleted, and he constantly feared for his freedom and life.

But it was never about salting wounds, says the director, but rather healing them.

“I feel the film is a call to action to all Muslims to change the things that need to change within 21st Century Islam,” he said. “We’re running out of time.”

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