Gay-to-straight conversion therapy in the UK

Request received via email – My name is Declan Harvey. I am journalist with BBC News at Radio 1

A parliamentary debate is being held in Westminster on plans
to regulate psychotherapists in the UK. Geraint Davies MP, who proposed
the bill, is very concerned in particular about the practice of
so-called ‘gay-to-straight conversion therapy’ in the UK.

As I’m sure you are aware the ‘treatment’ has been debunked by all the
major bodies. It is deemed unsuccessful and harmful. However it does
still take place in the UK and thus obviously there is a (albeit small)
demand for the service.

Radio 1 Newsbeat reaches 41% of all 15-24 year olds in the UK and this
is obviously an issue that affects and interests them.

I am contacting your organisation to see if there is anyone there, or
that you know of, who may be willing to share their experiences (and
thus, I assume, concerns) about ‘reparative therapy’. I want to stress
from the outset that all contributions *_can be completely anonymous_*.
There are techniques we use regularly which protect our contributors’

It is vital to us that we hear from a real case study, as our younger
audience engage better with them, rather than experts, spokespeople or

This is an important issue, which we are keen to cover /in the coming
week/ to tie in with the debate. If there is someone who you think may
be willing to take part please pass them my details. I would be happy to
take their call, if only to answer any questions they may have before
making a final decision. Essentially we are hoping to carry out a
pre-recorded interview.

As I said, their contributions can be 100% anonymous if they so wish.
There is no risk of identification to our audience, but it is important
to us their story is told.

Kindest thanks for your time already; I’m hopeful of hearing from you.


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