Gay twin models come out to their dad (Video)

A feel good story and vid from the USA – maybe we in time will have similar stories to tell:


Twin brothers have some big news to break to their father in this heartwarming video – they are both gay.

Aaron and Austin Rhodes, 19, run a YouTube channel called The Rhodes Bros which follows their attempts to make it big in LA, as well as insights into their personal lives. But their latest video was perhaps as personal as it gets.

Austin explains that their family and friends all know that the brothers are gay – except their dad. As they are based in Los Angeles, two thousand miles away from their hometown in Ohio, they have to tell their father via phone.

Before making the call, Aaron and Austin admit that they feel ‘sick’ and ready to ‘pass out’.

Aaron tries to be the one to break the news, but he gets too choked up as he tries to explain why they are calling. Austin swoops to the rescue, but also breaks down before he can spit it out.

In the end, it’s Aaron who manages to say it: “I don’t really know how else to put it, but, like… I’m gay and, um, Austin is too,” he says, as both brothers wipe their eyes.

Luckily, their dad’s reaction is enough to warm the coldest cockles of your heart. “You know I love you both – that will never change,” he tells them. “You gotta live your lives. You gotta do what you gotta do.”

When Austin says he hopes that things will stay normal between them, Dad is quick to reassure them : “You are normal.” Aww!

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