Hollyoaks gets complaints for being “too gay”

Hollyoaks reveals all


Hollyoaks executive producer Bryan Kirkwood reveals that he receives complaints from viewers for its gay story lines.

Speaking to the Star, the Hollyoaks boss said: “We get told off all the time for being too gay and having too many gay characters.

“I don’t think you can be too gay, quite frankly.

“The idea that people object to two boys kissing is really bizarre to me.”

However, the former Eastenders boss did concede that, at times, certain story lines can get a little carried away when raising awareness.

He explained to the paper: “Sometimes it has been like we are hitting the audience over the head with a pamphlet.

“We have to keep that lightness of touch, otherwise it becomes a little too worthy for its own good.”

The show recently featured the first ever Hollyoaks Pride, to coincide with celebrating 20 years of Hollyoaks.


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