How the internet is helping homeless LGBT youth

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A new video, created by Vocativ, shows the impact that the internet can have in helping LGBT young people who have been made homeless in the US.

The short video highlights the stories of a number of residents at the Lost-N-Found shelter in Atlanta, Georgia.


LGBT Youth-SpencerOne of the residents – Matthew – speaks of being thrown out of his home by his preacher father, while trans man Spencer was also ostracised by his religious family.

Matthew recounts how helpful the internet was in helping him find somewhere to go: “I was able to get online and just find… That one chance, that one opportunity. My phone really saved my life.”

The shelter was opened in 2011 by Rick Westbrook, who says that: “social media is wonderful” for those who find themselves without a home.

However, Westbrook also notes the dangers of the internet for vulnerable LGBT youth: “[social media] is also a gateway for a lot of the people that prey on our youth. We have a lot of creeps out there.”

Watch the video below:


Further information about Lost-N-Found can be found here.

Words Ross Semple, @rosssemple
Images Voactiv

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