Ireland approves gay marriage law

UTV (Ulster Television) has reported that Human rights activists believe NI has been  ‘left behind’ as Ireland approves gay marriage law

This law follows the historic referendum in May which saw Ireland become the first country to legalise gay marriage by popular vote, with 62% of people voting Yes.

In reality what this means is that N Ireland remains the only part of Great Britain and Ireland which does not have equality on same-sex marriage.

Now we all realise that with our MLA’s being unable to agree on the budget, and with the current political disagreement over whether the IRA are still active and in some way part of Sinn Féin it is unrealistic to suppose that this inequality will get resolved soon.  But, in the light of previous voting patterns at Stormont we as a community should not hold our breath for it would appear that the Unionist parties will continue to vote along their bias line, that SDLP will walk away and abstain even though the party line is supposed to be in favour, and Sinn Féin will say yes and make loud noise but not really get anywhere


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