Joe McElderry responds to body shaming article in the most perfect way

Joe McElderry-1

“Just took my full figured little ass to the gym…”

Former X Factor winner and GT favourite Joe McElderry has hit-back at the Daily Mail over their rather unkind comments at his physical appearance. The article published yesterday by Mail Online describes McElderry as having a “fuller physique” since winning the X Factor in 2009.

“His face had also filled out more from his skinny, boyish days,” the article reads.

The comments come following his appearance on TV chat show Lorraine, to promote Tommy The Rock Opera; a new musical starring McElderry based on the music of The Who’s Tommy.

Joe McElderry - 2

Joe has since posted a topless photo on Instagram that’s layered with some serious levels of sass. And, well we totally love it. Joe shuts down anyone questioning his size using hashtags #dailymail #fail.


Just took my full figured little ass to the gym and thought I take a little pic ✌️😜 #dailymail #fail


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