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Images in the Dark'An Encyclopaedia of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video

I have just bought Raymond Murray’s compendium ‘Images in the Dark’: An Encyclopaedia of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video, and I am thoroughly enjoying page after glorious page of it. (Some nice pics too!)

This weighty tome is a sort of Lesbian & Gay Halliwell containing (according to the cover) “More than 3,000 filmSeand videos, over 400 photos, fully indexed and cross referenced by titles, directors, starSeand themes.” It lives up to all these claims.

The extensive cross references include a 7-page index headed “ThemeSeand Countries”. Under the heading “Ireland” you will find a single word – “Pigs”.

Before you fly off the handle, assuming Murray is doing a Princess Margaret on us inhabitants of the Emerald Isle, you should check the main listings, where you will learn that PIGS is in fact a 79-minute film produced in 1984 by Cathal Black in Ireland, about a group of outcasts squatting in an abandoned mansion in inner-city Dublin. Jimmy Brennan, who wrote the screenplay, plays the “sweetly hopeless” gay man who is the main organiser in making this dump a “home” for all the other exotic characters.

At the back it has 6 pages of titles available from TLA Video, Philadelphia, the vast majority of which I have never yet seen – but would certainly love to. What say we setup a Lesbian & Gay Video Club, to give regular screenings of videoSeand films of lesbian and gay interest? If you think this is a good idea ( and especially if you would be prepared to support a venture), please let us know through the blog.

The oly disappontment for me with the book was that it had no nice revealing photos of my old heart-throb, Tab Hunter!

[P A Mag Lochlainn

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