LGBT History

LGBT HistoryHistory for the LGBT community has largely remained hidden, due to the persecution and homophobia enacted by society in the main, and in particular by those in power, whether it be government, police, the judiciary etc.

As the LGBT community has slowly fought and achieved its rights, so the need for its history to be written down and incorporated into mainstream history has become a necessity.  There is still a resistance within corridors of power, and indeed the history books still do not reflect LGBT characters and their contribution to the development of society, or the fight against tyranny,

Stonewall in the USA, has recognised the lack of visibility and acceptance of LGBT history, and that is why a  broad coalition of elected officials, community members, advocates and Stonewall witnesses are urging President Obama to designate a national monument at the Stonewall site before the end of his term.

The article can be read here: Stonewall Site to Honor LGBT History, America’s Struggle for Equality.

I also believe that our history should be written down now, before those who have been involved in the past leave us and take their memories and knowledge with them.

I urge the LGBT community in Northern Ireland, and indeed in Ireland to consider forming an online repository for our history.

Why not let us know what you think about this idea?


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