Loving Comrades by Paul Salveson

Publisher: P.Salveson (Aug. 1984)

Lancashire’s Links to Walt Whitman

This book sets out to investigate the history of socialism in Bolton, and of some of the famous people who were involved in the movement, or adopted by it, in it’s early years.

I came to this fifteen page book with a fresh mind and no preconceived ideas or knowledge.  I found it to be well linked together, with the test interspersed carefully chosen b&w photographs.  But, it is unfortunate that a book of such wide interest should be faulted by spelling mistakes and word omission.  These are not sufficient to affect the readability of the book, but do lower the standard of an obviously well researched and written book.

For the gay community, the book is well worth a delve for it’s comments and outlook on Edward Carpenter and the rest of the literacy group that was part of the movement.

I think ‘Loving Comrades’ is worthwhile reading; and it has been thought provoking enough to leave me wanting to know more about all the people referred to, and their writing also.



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