Meet the Boys of HOPE

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Meet the boys of HOPE

UK’s first gay rugby union team spread the love

Meet the Kings Cross Steelers. They are the UK’s first gay rugby union team.

With a big decline in voters since changes were made to the electoral register, the team have come together to encourage you all to register your vote and make our voice a the LGBT community count.

With their campaign HOPE not hate – the group are hoping they can convince you to make the effort to register, vote and make your voice count.

The deadline to register your vote for this year is 20 April.

HOPE not hate is the UK’s leading anti-racism and anti-extremism campaign and has been promoting the power of voting since the beginning of March.


More information on the team and their work can be found here.

Reprinted from Gay Times: Words William J Connolly, @wjconnolly

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