For a lost soldier

  • Studio: Strand Home Video
  • Actors: Maarten Smit, Andrew Kelley, Jeroen Krabbé, Freark Smink, Elsje de Wijn
  • Directors: Roeland Kerbosch
  • Writers: Roeland Kerbosch, Don Bloch, Rudi van Dantzig
  • Producers: Guurtje Buddenberg, Matthijs van Heijningen

This film breaks all the barriers regarding male sex – a young boy reaching pubrty introduced to the pleasure of love with an adult man.  A man who is a tranisient soldier,


Based during the Second World War in Holland when the Allies started liberating Europe, this film stirs something in everybody, whether it be loathing, liking or ambivalence.

I loved this film  The main characters, 12 year old Jeroen (Marten Smit) and Walt (Andrew Kelley) are totally believable.  They both bring a spark of originality to what could have been a very low key, possibly boring story.

My only criticism is regarding the actor planying the adult Jeroen, he did not in my view do justice to the acting of the boy.  He did not convince me in his description of the dance moves, or in his part.  Possibly this could be the directing, but I do not feel so.

Do not come to this film expecting excitement, blood or guts, you won’t get them.  This film is full of tenderness, love and the possibility of a happy ever after ending.

Get it out on DVD, or see it in the cinema, you won’t be disappointed.

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