Music Review – Gagged by Violet Chachki

Violet needs some attention… (NSFW!)

She’s a good housewife, but needs a hand…

Violet, or more formerly Violet Chachki, top three finalist of RuPaul’s Drag Race season seven, has released the first single from her debut EP Gagged.

We’ll cut right to the chase here, OK? Violet loves her fetish. And that means the video is NSFW.

“The album is dark, dance-y, fun but serious,” explains Violet of the five-track EP of hard-pounding, dynamic club tracks. “I wanted to create something as a sort of soundtrack to the visuals I create.”

She drew inspiration from her real life experience working in dungeons with songs that address gender roles and conformity, power play, exhibitionism, sex and confidence.

“I worked for a mistress,” she reveals. “She was the dominant type, hired to humiliate subservient men. She’d have me dress the men in drag and parade them in front of her friends.”


“Being a part of something that is essentially harmless fun can really give new meaning to someone’s otherwise humdrum life,” continues Violet. “I like the fetish world because the line between right and wrong is blurred in a controlled, safe way. Also, I love the fashion!”

No surprise then that one of the items in her new online store is a jawbreaker candy ball gag…

You can download the single and pre-order Gagged here.

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    • David McFarlane
      David McFarlane says:

      Hi Charliys – the only information we have is the followow, hope it helps:Bettie, the debut single from Violet Chachki’s upcoming EP “GAGGED”
      Herself – Violet Chachki
      Daddy – Christian Camacho
      Christian Son #1 – Louis D’Aprile
      Christian Son #2 – Philip Wedow
      Whipping Boy – Danimal Oh
      Patient – Robert Craig Welch
      Splosher – Joshua Parker
      Maid – Pearl
      Music by
      Producers – Tomas Costanza, Tommy Lee
      Writers – Tomas Constanza, Tommy Lee, Ashley Levy, Violet Chachki
      Mixed by Tomas Constanza
      Mastered by Tom Coyne
      Recored at Killingsworth Recording Company
      Special Thanks
      Steven Keylom, John De La Rosa, & Blanca
      Syren Latex
      Stormy Leather
      The Stockroom

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