Musings from a Cardiff Immigrant

Last weekend I had been invited to a Honda Roadshow ( ) to view and drive their new models. A two hour window was provided, and this enabled me to test drive 4 different models (the Accord, Civic, FRV and CRV). I must say I was impressed, even on this short review time, and when I compare them to the cars I have driven over my driving life (now 37 years) I can see the developmentSeand refinements. If pushed, I would love the Honda Accord version I drove, which was the top of the range model and an automatic to boot; but life is never that kind to most of us. I will just have to continue to dream.

When I finished with Honda, I decided to visit Cardiff and pop into one of the Gay bars (The Kings Cross) to have a quiet drink, see if any of my friends were about, collect any free publications in this case no friends, but I was able to pick up the Pink Paper, ”

For a Sunday afternoon the bar was busy, and given that the day was showery, cool and a little bit grey I was surprised.

After an hour, and a quick read, I decided to brave the weather and get to my car quickly, for the short journey home. Having just left, I was surprised to see walking down the road the Cardiff entry for

The Last Choir Standing’ – Only Men Aloud! Only Men Aloud!This was a pleasant surprise, and even though I didn’t take the opportunity to stop and chat to them they seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere it certainly brightened up what was a dreary afternoon following my enjoyable car exploits with Honda.

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