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Nick Youngquest from the 2009 “Gods of Football” calendar. – Pedro Virgil

Jocks in the buff, inadvertently or not, have given us a lot of pleasure.


One of the fun parts of doing Outsports for the past 15 years have been the stories about naked athletes. They are always fun and popular since they reveal sides of athletes that are almost never meant to be seen. With the advent of blogs and social media, more nudity has been revealed than ever, some intentional and some not.

Here are some personal favorites from the past 15 years:

Austrian rugby team loses 48-0, decides to dance in town naked.
When you lose 48-0 in rugby, you can hide in your room or you can do what this Austrian rugby team did — strip and perform “Singing in the Rain” in a Lithuanian town square. Video below sort-of NSFW:

Santonio Holmes naked in the shower.
We have no idea why the then-Steelers wide receiver decided to take a nude selfie, but it’s clear why he wore #10. Follow this link to the original story, which then has a link to the picture (which is NSFW).

Chris Cooley shows us his playbook and his penis at the same time.
NFL Washington tight end Chris Cooley wanted to post a photo on his blog of how he studies his playbook. Unfortunately, he was nude in his room at the time and didn’t notice his penis peeking out from under the playbook. The team was pissed that Cooley exposed his playbook, his mom that her son made a public spectacle of himself.

Fox Sports shows Viking’s penis to world.

 The same year that Cooley showed us his penis, Fox accidentally showed us Visan the Shiancoe naked in the Minnesota Vikings locker room after a win. It was a good year for tight end penis shots.

Nude selfies of Aussie rugby player show up on Twitter.
George Burgess is one of four totally hot brothers who play pro rugby in Australia. He’s the only one we know of to have nude selfies of himself wind up on Twitter. Suffice to say, Burgess is an impressive man all over.

Warwick rowers get naked to fight homophobia in sports.
The Warwick University rowing team in England has hit on a big money maker with their annual calendar and videos. They are also raising awareness of homophobia in sports, so they are good guys (and gals) doing a good thing while looking hot:


“Gods of Football” release charity calendar
Aussie Rules Football and rugby players teamed up in 2009 for “God of Football” calendar as a fund-raiser for the McGrath Foundation, which provides funding for breast cancer nurses. I always loved this quote from rugger David “Wolfman” Williams: “It’s for a good cause. Plus, I usually get nude for a lot less.” Williams also won the 2009 King of the Hardwood contest, voted on by Outsports readers as the world’s hottest jocks.

As a holiday treat, here are some photos by Pedro Virgil of the “Gods of Football”:

Gods of Football1
Gods of Football3
Gods of Football4
Gods of Football5
Gods of Football6
Gods of Football7
Gods of Football8
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