New Asian American GLBT Bibliography

By Cat Walker

The newest resource added to the GLBTRT Professional Tools page is a guide to resources in print and online about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders that are also gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.  The size of the American population with Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage has grown, and the visibility of them in American culture has also increased.  GLBT Asian American authors, such as Justin Chin, Timothy Liu, Ryka Aoki, Elisha Lim, and George Takei have started to gain more recognition and their work has won awards.

This bibliography includes a wide range of books, DVDs, and many Internet resources related to GLBT Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in North America.  Separate sections contain memoirs, literary anthologies, novels, poetry, plays, graphic novels, and children’s and teen books.  There is also an index of a few subtopics, such as East Asian American, Pacific Islander, bisexual, and transgender resources.  Most of the general nonfiction books are scholarly in nature, but much of the rest of the resources in the bibliography will appeal to a more popular audience.  Each book and DVD has a link to the OCLC WorldCat record (when available) where you can see which libraries hold the item.  Most of the items are still in print and available for purchase.  Along with the African American LGBT Books Post-2007 and the Latino/as GLBT Bibliography, this bibliography can be a helpful tool for diversifying library collections.

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