NO to Paddy Power!

When you look up the definition of advertising, you are tol that it is ‘the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.’  Indeed Chron says, that companies use advertisements as part of a marketing program to increase sales of their products and services. Advertising plays a different role at different stages of the marketing process — helping to raise awareness of a product or service, generating leads for a sales force or selling directly. Companies with retail outlets use advertising to make consumers aware of product availability and increase sales through the outlets.

So why am I highlighting this, well Paddy Power launched a new advertising campaign based around the marriage equality vote.  It states in it advert that the Yes Vote is 1/10 and the No Vote 5/1, which I believe are pretty accurate figures.;

However where I take ‘odds’ with them is the inclusion of two men in balaclavas kissing in its advert, the apparent inference being that ‘gay men’ are terrorists.  I find this advert to be tasteless, irrelevant as apart from the betting figures it has no relevant to marriage equality.  We consider the advert to be really unwise, and hope that Paddy Power will reconsider the advertising company it has used, and indeed the brief that it would have given them.


No to Paddy Power - Tasteless and Irrelevant

No to Paddy Power – Tasteless and Irrelevant




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