Northern Ireland's Marriage Equality Battle

photo of two Irish marriage equality campaigners

Dear Friends

Did your heart melt when Ireland voted for equal marriage? What an awesome victory for love and equality. But across the border in Northern Ireland, thousands of loving gay couples are banned from marrying: they’re told their love isn’t worth as much as straight couples.

Some politicians in Northern Ireland haven’t yet made up their minds on gay marriage. If we can show them that equality is getting huge, mainstream support, it could persuade them to vote for equal marriage the next time it comes to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Our partners in Northern Ireland have asked us to build a giant petition in the next few days, to boost media coverage of a mass rally for equal marriage they are organising in Belfast on Saturday. Every voice is needed to bring undecided politicians on board. Sign and share now:

Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom where gay marriage is still illegal. England, Wales and Scotland have allowed it since 2014. But a survey in Northern Ireland in 2013 showed 59% of people want marriage equality – and it’s likely to be even more now, after the Yes Vote south of the border.

We’re seeing a pro-equality tidal wave. Since the Irish Yes vote, a cross-party group of Westminster MPs has called for action on equal marriage in Northern Ireland. And Belfast City Council just passed a motion in favour of marriage equality.

All Out’s partners in Northern Ireland – Amnesty International, The Rainbow Project and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions – have joined together to seize this huge political opportunity. They’re holding a mass rally in Belfast on Saturday 13 June. If thousands of All Out members from around the globe back their call for equal marriage, we can show that the world is watching. It could be enough to convince undecided politicians to support LOVE.

Sign now:

Just last week, a petition from All Out members helped get two anti-gay judges removed from Argentina’s courts. And our 285,000-strong petition against a proposed anti-gay law in Northern Ireland is one of the reasons why the law is stalled. Now let’s unleash our power to win equal marriage in Northern Ireland:

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