Nothing Like A Dame… Part 2

By The Gay UK, Dec 31 2014 03:00PM

In the New Year Honour List announced yesterday Kirsten Scott Thomas became one of the youngest women ever to be made a Dame.

The actress who resides in France these days and best known for her Oscar nominated performance in The English Patient is a mere 54 years old. Most members of this group of illustrious women she is now joining are ‘elderly’ although this not a term one would dare to use describing another new ‘member’ Dame Joan Collins even though she is now 81 years old.

May QuantFashion designer Mary Quant credited with introducing the miniskirt in the Swinging Sixties is also made a Dame some 50 years after the Queen gave her an OBE, and joining her on the list is the ex Television Presenter and founder of Childline Dame Esther Rantzen.

John Hurt
Also amongst the List we espied that the wonderful actor John Hurt had finally been knighted. Sir John is hardly a Dame, but we hold him in such high esteem after his unforgettable performance as Quentin Crisp in The Naked Civil Servant that we feel like he could be an ‘honarary one’.
by Roger Walker-Dack
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