Pride responds to DUP criticisms

Belfast Pride have responded to DUP criticisms of a placard which appeared in this years Pride parade.


A spokesman said Whilst we recognise that the DUP may have legitimately found the Jesus is a fag’ placard offensive we are concerned that Cllr Campbell and others have used the incident for their own political gain.

No member of the DUP, or general public, drew parade officials attention to the placard on the day, instead waiting until after the event to complain to the media. This smacks of political grandstanding in order to achieve their ultimate goal of having the pride parade banned.

Belfast Pride would like to state that this particular placard was not sanctioned by the parade organiserSeand take the matter seriously”

However, given the provocative comments of Ian Paisley Jr about gay and lesbian people being repulsive and harming society we hardly find it surprising that people within the LGBT community would wish to react in such a way.

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