Reid Ewing, Modern Family Star, is gay

Reid Ewing has confirmed that he is gay in a very nonchalant, matter of fact way, and for those of us involved in politics and normality, that is the way it should be.  Being gay is normal, and it shouldn’t be any more news worthy than being married, being parents, being a brother or sister.

Reid also discussed why he underwent cosmetic surgery, and body dysmorphia during his Twitter discussion, which is where he confirmed that he was gay!

Reid is an actor, and is currently known for his role as Dylan in the hit TV show from ABC ‘Modern Family’  –  the Modern Family Wiki describes Dylan as  warm, a tad dim but sweet and loves his girlfriend a lot.  I will let you judge, but the character is in no way a representation of the real Reid Ewing I believe.

Here are two pics to let you know who he is is, and also a link to a quick search I did in Google for other pics:


Reid Ewing-1 Reid Ewing-2



Google search general:

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