When you start thinking on relationships, you suddenly realize that every one of us has a myriad of relationships which cover every strata of our lives.

A dictionary definition which I like is ‘an emotional or other connection between people’ – for me this says it all; however for some people it will probably not encompass the relationships that they have with their pets, cars, homes etc.

A wonderful quote I came across is:

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Christopher Isherwood said:

It seems to me that the real clue to your sex-orientation lies in your romantic feelings rather than ijn your sexual feelings.  If you are gay, you are able to fall in love with a man, or woman, depending on your preference, and not just enjoy having sex with him or her. (with a small adjustment by the editor).

There has been a wonderful photographic project put together by Braden Summers entitled ‘ALL LOVE IS EQUAL’.  The pictures are brilliant in their composition and in the feelings that they encompass and portray.


Three photographs from the project:

At One With Nature Eastern Promise Friendship with Age

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