Saudi Arabia – Stop the beheading and crucifixion

Editorial:  NIGRA has always been involved in ‘Human Rights’, and we have already written about Saudi Arabia today and its conflict of interest in the United Nations and the Human Rights Commission; we therefore urge you to sign this petition by clicking on the ‘Stop’ button below and entering your email address on the electronic form.

We have to stop this beheading and future torturing and beheading in Saudi Arabia, and the British Government must come out against this!

Saudi Arabia is about to behead a 21-year-old man and then crucify him to display his body in public. This same country was just chosen to head a U.N. Human Rights Council panel. If it weren’t so serious this would be funny!

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was arrested when he was 17 for participating in demonstrations against the government, then he was convicted under torture. But his case is not an exception in the kingdom — Saudi Arabia has executed more than 100 people this year, that’s a rate of one every 2 days!

France has already requested that Saudis stop this execution, but the US, Germany, and the UK also have very cosy relationships with the regime. The best way to get urgent action is to channel our outrage to these leaders who can persuade their Saudi allies.Sign up now to save Ali, and then stop this human rights farce, his execution could happen anytime.

Young man in Saudi



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