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I recently came across a new up & coming disco singer because my friend Womble had been raving about him for months. so i checked out his Myspace pages. Given the right promotion he has a chance to make it big. possessing an amazing voice and a stylish look please let me introduce Slivio.

1. Hello Slivio Slvio , please give us some info about yourself

I am a multi talented singer, songwriter and producer who is looking to bring back melody to music. I am more than a one trick pony and I am determined to reach my goals. I am UK based, but would like to be a global phenomenum.

2. How did you discover that you could belt out a tune ?

I discovered that I could belt out a tune when I used to go to family weddings at the age of 5 or 6. I had a knack of getting free ice cream for singing. I usually sang songs such as “I am Just Wild About Harry.” They must have known I was screaming at a very young age…

3. Your music has a classic disco sound with an up to date twist, who are your musical influences? And also your favourite artists?

Without doubt I totally adored Sylvester which shows in my style of music. For a more recent artist I respect Madonna - wallpaper downloads (Oh how gay.)

4. in the golden age of disco and hi-nrg , we had very stylish artists such as Boy George, Sylvester , soft cell , Duran Duran and Spandu ballet. Most recently we have major artists such as the Scissor SisterSeand nightclub darlings like massive ego. Where does your style persona come from?

My style persona comes from my vivid imagination. I am always looking and finding inspiration… from the color of somebody’s curtains to the color of their hair. Inspiration is all around us, and most people draw inspiration from what they see. That style era will never repeat itself (the 80’s) and some people may say that is a good thing… but I just love shoulder pads with a hint of Alexis Colby (meow)

5. You have 2 band names Space Monkey & Culturedub , please tell us more about each band and how they differ from each other ?

Culture Dub iSean 80’s revue. It is a project based on the hits of the 80’Seand is a covers band. It is a tribute to the artists of that era. Some people may say it is selling out, but I just say it is having fun. Space Monkey is a name I dreamed up for the studio projects I perform with Phil Pickett. It is my alter ego. It is where I can express myself without being judged.

6. I know that there is a Culturedub cd out 1st May, is there any space monkey materiel due out soon ?

Yes. Of course there is… I hope you will all be buying a copy. It isn’t cheap to keep a girl in diamonds these days. My CD “Plastic Fantastic” will be available through my official Silvio site (coming soon) and through the Culture Dub website at

7. Your fans will be familiar with the tracks posted on Myspace and your official Culturedub pages, is there a full track list available yet

I have too many songs to list. All songs that you hear are MySpace are for test purposes. I listen to the opinions of the fans because they mean a lot to me. If they don’t like it, I change the song. I am always up for critisizm as long as it is constructive….

8. Any plans for a single or remixes of any tracks yet ?

We have lots of potential record labels interested. The problem is finding a record label that will find the balls to take a chance on an artist who will stand up and be counted.

9. Any chance of any duets with disco hi-nrg stars such as marc almond , Jimmy Sommerville or the one and only Boy GeorgeI

I won’t collaborate with Boy George because I sound like him on certain projects, so it would be like singing with him already. I do respect all those artists mentioned. I totally think they have added so much glamour to the pop world. I hope to achieve as much success as they previously have.

10. What download sites will your fans be able to download from? And will stores such as HMV be selling physical copies of it ?

Right now, our CD’s will be available through our official websites. I like to keep control of my destiny…

11. You work with Phil Pickett on Culturedub who wrote some very successful tracks for Boy George and Culture Club and is also a member of 70’s legends Sailor. How did that come about ?

Who’s Phil Pickett? Only joking! Phil is indeed a very multi talented individual who I totally respect and have started to call father as I feel I am his secret love child. I met Phil at an audition for the new and now defunct Culture Club, which dissolved due to lack of interest the band. A strong friendship was made and struck between me and Phil during that time. We have always encouraged each other to follow our dreams.. I thank Phil for this, without him, I would probably be selling ice cream on Blackpool Pier right now.

12. Have you ever entered a TV talent show such as X Factor? And what is your opinion of such shows ?

Sadly I entered X Factor against my better judgment. This is not a television show for talent. It is a television show for controlled talent. I feel deep sorrow that such shows have destroyed the music industry and made it what it is today. Hence stopping artists who work the old fashioned way to reach their goals. Long live expression.

13. Do you have any forthcoming shows that you fans can go to see you

I just got back from a successful trip to Egypt to promote my music. I have a trip to New York scheduled in April and September. We have multiple bookings which will be listed on my MySpaceSeand official website. Right now, I am concentrating on interviews to promote my upcoming CD release.

14. You are an openly gay artist, the music industry is notorious for keeping artists in the closet because they don’t want to lose record sales, please give your thoughts on this.

The closet has been open for so many years that if you look deep inside you’ll see so many people stuck in Narnia. The word gay artist is not something that I would like to be labeled. I do not want to put obstructions before me. I am a universal artist who loves everybody and can relate to anybody despite their sexuality, gender, race and creed. Saying all that, I love my sexuality and have no problems with who I am.

15. And finally Slivio please leave a message for your fans

I love you all. I thank you for all the hard work you are doing by clicking on my MySpaceSeand listening to my music. Your support means more than you can ever mention. Let me be your voice for the new world that is about to arrive. God bless… love your loyal subject…. Silvio xxoo

Here are links to Silvio’s site. Please check out this very talented artist.

The Official Culture Dub Site


Very special thanks to Slivio and Barbara for this interview. And to Womble for his invaluable help.

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