Stockport Academy Tackles Homophobia

Editorial: When will homophobia be stopped in our schools in Northern Ireland.  When will Stormont and our politicians come together to fight homophobia.  We have just had an election, it will be interesting to see if they stand by the Friday Agreement on Human Rights.

The following article was republished from Gay Times

Students produce moving video in light of Anti-Homophobia Week

Students at the Stockport Academy have made a moving drama piece to coincide with Anti-Homophobia Week.

The short video is called Everybody’s Disapproval and is set to Hozier’s song Take Me To Church.

The emotive piece is shot in black and white, recreating and reinterpreting scenes from Hozier’s original video. It features both a young gay and lesbian couple being the victims of homophobic abuse.

Their short video concludes with a few statements and statistics to reinforce the overall message. “End homophobia today.”

The Academy is renowned for their zero tolerance to bullying and has previously received the Diana Award in 2014 for their campaign work in anti-bullying.

Words Tom Richardson, @tom20richardson

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