Straight Bodybuilders Take a Really Muscular Stand Against Bullying

From OUT magazine



YouTube gays Davey Wavey and Raymond Braun asked straight bodybuilders about bullying and — besides an excuse to have more slabs of beef than your neighborhood Sizzler — these mammoth muscle men reveal that their hearts as big as their biceps. Which, for the record, are friggin’ huge.

Most of them were bullied at some point in their lives, including Brad Rowe (this guy):

who actually has a gay dad and was bullied as a result, despite being an “alpha male.” Check out his and other stories in the video below. Meanwhile, why everyone’s wearing a shirt is beyond me, but that’s neither here nor there.

And here’s part two, featuring some commentary and background from Davey and Raymond.

Les Fabian Brathwaite — do you even gif, bro?

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  1. Kansei
    Kansei says:

    Interestingly, bodybuilders have a reputation for being homophobic which is another form of bullying.
    I cannot reconcile them speaking against bullying in a video but doing nothing to denounce the homophobia that runs through this ironically homoerotic activity.

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