Straight guys answer ‘gay questions’ in hilarious video


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A pair of YouTubers turn the tables on the kinds of dumb questions gay men are often asked in a great new video.

Davey Wavey and Riyadh ask three straight guys a string of ridiculous questions in a bid to show how stupid they are in real life.


Questions like “What man hurt you that made you decide to be the way you are?”, “What is the PC term for people like you?” and even “When did you first decide to be straight?” are put to the slightly confused guys by the deadpan pair, and the results are brilliant.

When they ask what “coming out to your parents as straight” was like and one of their participants answers, “I didn’t tell them”, they fire back: “So you’re not out to them?… It’s like an unspoken truth?”


Davey Wavey has nearly 1 million susbcribers, while the three ‘subjects’ are also internet celebrities: Derek Deso, who has over a quarter of a million subscribers; Vine star Nick Pallauf, who has 754,000 followers; and LiL MoCo, who boasts almost 800,000 fans on YouTube.

Watch the video below:

Davey Wavey’s done a lot to bridge the gay/straight divide lately – he recently tested if straight guys could tell the difference between a kiss from a woman or a gay man (FOR SCIENCE).

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