Sweden’s ‘Singing Sailor’ underwater defence system


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Swedish peace group use gay sailor sign to thrust away Russian submarines

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS) has employed a new underwater ‘defence system’ strategy, that has taken the form of a neon sign depicting a gay sailor, wearing nothing but a pair of briefs and his hat.

Sweden hit headlines last year when it launched the most expensive military underwater operation in recent years, when it spotted a foreign submarine (widely thought to be Russian) in its waters.

The idea was developed to fend off vessels from Russia, a country that does not share the same accepting views on homosexuality, having introduced anti-‘gay propaganda’ laws in 2013.

The bright pink sign has earned the name, the “Singing Sailor,” and was developed as a ‘cheaper alternative’ to the 10.2 billion Kronor (£785 million) worth of strategies, that have already been spent on Sweden’s defences.

The gyrating sailor is surrounded by glowing hearts, as well as English and Russian captions that read “Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944,” referring to the year that homosexuality was legalised in the country. The message “this way if you are gay,” is also delivered through the water, in morse code.

Words Christopher McParlan, @chrismcparlan

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